Senior Hypnotherapy Ruislip Practitioner

Ruislip Hypnotherapist Kristian rigsgreve af SponneckKristian rigsgreve af Sponneck DCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy* - American Institute of Hypnotherapy)

"Together, we can facilitate change..."

My extensive training has covered all areas, there will only be a handful of issues I will help with (if I do not believe Hypnosis can help with an issue I will advise accordingly). Listed below are 3 areas I have an interest in and in which I have undertaken specialist training. For all other areas, please visit the 'issues resolved' section on the main menu. I look forward to helping you.

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Ruislip with Kristian rigsgreve af SponneckMy Approach

In an industry riddled with 'cowboys' working in a dishonest and unethical manor, as a SENIOR ACCREDITED Hypnotherapy practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), I work in an honest manor with the clients wellbeing paramount.

I am a DCH QUALIFIED Hypnotherapist (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy*), a REGISTERED practitioner SINCE 2005 with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR registration No.1916) and FULLY INSURED.

One of only a few Hypnotists that can genuinely claim they have Hypnotised thousands in the UK and across Europe. With the vast experience that I have been privy to you can be guaranteed to have your issue dealt with by a professional Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Ruislip

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Including gastric band Hypnosis

"DIETS DON'T WORK" - Medical Research Council, 9th September 2005

If you have struggled with the stereotypical yo-yo dieting then this approach will be the one for you to make a positive life change regarding your health. Metabolism based weight control combined with ‘a new way of thinking’, makes diets a thing of the past.

You have tried time and time again with the same result, we can make it work. Don't just leave it until January.

Quit Smoking Help in Ruislip

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Smoking cessation made easy

After extensive training, I offer life changing Hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goal.

You know it is life threatening, you know its anti-social, you know you want to give up but there is always that voice in your head that makes you turn to smoking in that moment of need.

Included in the price: Carbon monoxide testing (co2), a 2 hour session, including one hour of therapy with a full consultation.

Confidence Help with Hypnotherapy in Ruislip

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Not as confident as you should be?

Are you suffering from low confidence in social or business situations.

From day one we are equipped with ample confidence to carry us through most day-to-day situations. But life can through unusual situations that we are not used to or at some point your confidence has been damaged by a life event.

Together we can equip you with the correct mindset to carry you through these demanding times.


For further help, please call me on 07776 062380 (8am - 9pm) or email

Payment for Hypnotherapy Ruislip

* Please note, I am not a General Practitioner or Medical Doctor. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy (AIH) Doctorate was approved by the California Bureau for private postsecondary & vocational education. Therefore, the degree is ‘approved’ and not ‘accredited’ and is (as of the time of writing) the 2nd most in depth qualification worldwide in Clinical Hypnotherapy. There are practitioners in the UK, Australia, worldwide (especially America) that use the title 'Dr.' with this qualification. I do not use this title. The DCH from the AIH which I hold is not to be confused with other Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications offered on the internet.